Cyberspace business moms

Is it like outta space alien moms?, Where is it?, Is it human friendly?.

Welcome to the world of credit MOM!

What is cyber space

Cyber Space is a world where time nor space acts as a barrier. A world of communication and information, the worldwide web, it’s a world that grows every second of every minute with new people always being exposed to it…. If you’re reading this you are in Cyber Space “Hello from my side of the world”. There are billions of people here because of how immensely profitable it can be, depending on your intention and your use of it, the online world is really fun and uniting but can also be a very dangerous place too.

There is cyber crime, cyber security, cyber surfer, cyber terrorism, cyber bullying. There are a lot of shady people out here who will try make money out of you, real scams, people who will put you in a web trap . Just like the real world you need to be careful of the connections you make,the links you click and where you put your money. Not everything is all bad online but always look out for yourself and have good intentions for your social crowd. Strive to be the person who makes this place a better world, be as helpful as you can and always remember that when you spend money in positive ways, more money comes back to you. It’s the law of the universe. It’s indisputable!

What happens in cyber space

There are so many reasons why people are in cyber space, mostly to connect on social media platforms, market their brands, sell products, play online games, download stuff and so much more, others just want worldwide fame and scam others, to make money out of them on the internet, others like me and you want to transform our ideas into profits. One common reason for everyone here is to communicate and get information.

The 21st century mom

I just recently became a mom and as many moms would admit, all you want to do is make sure your children’s needs are met. You want what’s best for your children and to successfully meet those needs you definitely need some extra cash. The responsibility of taking care of another person as well as yourself without having to compromise much on your budget is close to impossible.

So many of us are setting up a home business trying to make ends meet and of course to have much more time spent with our little bundles of joy. Technology has advanced so much in this day and age that you can even work from home and still make a good income just by being in your own virtual location in cyber space

Nothing breaks a mothers’ heart like having to go back to your 9 to 5 after maternity leave, or losing your job right after you just had a baby. Moms today are finding new ways of generating streams of income online. Creating YouTube channels, blogging on pintrest, Instagram, Facebook or getting an online job, but not really knowing how to make an actual income out of these plat forms.

My journey here started like most cyber moms. I was randomly looking for information on how to make money online. I found so much information but only one struck me the most and landed me here. I found my very own space in this gigantic world of virtual reality through affiliate marketing. I wish I had found it years ago, ‘thank goodness we’re finally here!’. One of the best online platforms that holds your hand step by step till you reach the top with the most helpful community you’ll ever find Wealthy Affiliate  I’ll always recommend it to anybody who wants to make money online with their own business, and MLMgateway  which is a free site to refer your affiliate marketing business to more people with similar interests and to get more traffic for your online streams.

My virtual location

There is a difference between just being in the virtual world cyber surfing and actually owning your own piece of virtual location in the whole of cyber world. The only people who can truly say they are profiting a lot from cyber space are the ones who own their little island in it. You can eventually earn thousands of credit “That’s what we call money in the virtual world” by just spending time online communicating, being informative and helping people in some way or another.

There are so many things happening in the online space that you can be swerved in so many directions but to really make a big shot at it you need to find yourself and go with what works for you. Love what you do be informative, helpful, creative and most of all be truly you. You can never go wrong and you have absolutely nothing to lose if you really try your best.

What are the numbers


The first question people always ask, “you are probably asking yourself the same question too”. Is how much do you make online?. People who are often looking for ways to make money always just want to jump right into the numbers first to judge if it’s worth their time or not. “I get that!”, if you are looking for instant cash or a get money quick scam, I’d be lying if I say this is for you .

I started with a goal of making at least $10 000 extra a month and soon that amount was really smaller than the work and time I put in. So you can kind of get the idea. Here’s another good figure of how much you can earn Honestly the work and time you put in will soon determine your check.

Once you’ve figured yourself in the virtual world and set a good foundation everything falls right into your pocket,the possibility of earning from your streams is really huge. While it is not for everyone it is more than possible to make money online working from home.Those that do not give up end up earn the most. It is all about being regular with content and answering peoples questions while providing a service.

I’m like really huge on entrepreneurship so anything to make me money at my own convenience is really amazing, the best part is once you’re on track, you won’t always have to work so hard and you’ll start earning money while you sleep, it’s called passive income and you get to enjoy the convenience of working at your own time on your own schedule anywhere around the world. If that’s not the best thing a mom or a parent could ever ask for, then I don’t know what is.

Written by Pam TheFlower