Motherhood secrets

You are about to become a mom, take this moment and take in as much as you need too. CONGRATULATIONS MAMA BEAR Welcome to the hood !!!

What does it mean to say I am a mother ?

Does it mean you have some sort of super powers? Yes… oh yes it does.

Think about Your mom through this journey I’m about to take you on.


a mothers love knows no bounds

Being a mom means, you love unconditionally. A mother will never say to her child, ‘You owe me.’ This is why her love is boundless, endless, seamless, selfless and unconditional. This is why her love multiplies and divides to embrace her own children and then theirs. A mother builds a safe and secure home for her children regardless. As cliché as it is a mom makes a house a home. She’s Your safe place and will always know what’s best for you. When you become a mom, you become a life long teacher a disciplinarian and a friend.

Moms are the closest beings to perfect but very human too. A mother will strive to be the best she can, to set a great example and to be a role model to her children. Being a mother is a feeling, be it by birth or adoption. It’s more than just an explanation, It’s a unique expansion of endless love reserved for your children. Love at first heart beat, love at first sight, as a mom when you’ve felt it you know it.

Humanity deserve to survive

Motherhood starts the very first moment you realize that you are carrying a life inside of you and you know for sure you are going to keeping it. The moment you sign the adoption papers. The moment you acknowledge that humanity deserve to survive and that you’ll take full responsibility of raising not just a child BUT A GOOD CHILD. Someone like you and me, someone who will someday become somebody despite your situation, Your condition or the environment Your in.

The conscious sacrifice of choosing another life before Your own and the acceptance of the short term and life long changes that come with becoming a mother. Sometimes motherhood is planned other times not, whichever Your outcome trust Your journey, It is beautiful and true. Life is still precious and sacred and you learn as you go.


It’s more than just counting on the months and going for regular check ups. For 9 months you become an incubator with a growing life inside of you, you become aware more than ever that you need to clear Your space to accommodate the little miracle growing inside. Use that time as preparation, you need to physically mentally and spiritually prepare yourself. Protect Your energy, nurture Your mind with positive thoughts and self-love, understand Your God given power as a woman and embrace it. Take care of Your body, be mindful of the things you do the thoughts you have and how you react to situations. Ask yourself is it good for baby? Is it good for me?

Throughout this time you learn so much about yourself and Your capabilities not just as a woman alone but as an individual too. The amount of growth that happens within 9 months or the waiting period for adoption is undeniably drastic. There is a lot of adjusting that comes with becoming a mother especially when you’re a young one.

So much will change don’t be too overwhelmed it’s normal every mom has passed through that stage. Your friends will most likely change too because Your interests definitely will. EVERY decision and every choice you make you’ll automatically always regard the little life that depends on you for survival first. You’ll most likely become boring for other friends and seem too busy for some. Remember if Your friends aren’t understanding it might be time to let them go and find Your balance.

The greatest sacrifice and the Baby blue’s

As we know by now that being a mom is a thankless job, a great honour and the biggest life changing experience for a woman. It comes with a lot of sacrifices baby blues and very common similarities from woman to women. You sacrifice Your time, health and a sense of self. When you decide to have children or when you become pregnant the entire world has an opinion about it take in only what you need.

The baby blues come right after giving birth, it’s a temporary roller coaster of emotions 4 out of 5 (80%) new moms may experience. Feeling very happy, then very sad, crying for no reason, feeling impatient, irritable, restless, anxious and lonely. These feeling may last for a few hours to 2 weeks after delivery. Often joining a mom support group and engaging in these topics will help. The baby blues are less severe than postpartum depression and do not need medical treatment, however if these sad feelings last longer than 2 weeks let Your health care provider know.

Your new name is Mother

All your experiences help you become the best mom, with much time spent learning, nurturing and growing and in a few months Motherhood will not just be your reality, even Your name will change to mommy and that’s the beginning of a beautiful journey a lifetime adventure and your super powers start working overtime. “Don’t call me X I AM MOTHER!”????



Written by Pam TheFlower