The 7 crucial years of humanity

Life is about development, learning, growing and becoming the best version of ourselves. From the very first day you entered this world the journey to a successful life began. It’s almost as though humanity is in a marathon, with every individual trying to succeed. We all want to come out of this really proud of the things we’ve successfully achieved, whether in our careers, our personal lives or socially. No one consciously wants to fail in life, the feeling of failure or defeat hurts like no other, the most unfortunate part is that there is no reset button.

You can’t literally start your life over, But you can definitely improve your mind, your behaviors and beliefs, things you’ve seen and can’t unseen, things you’ve heard and can’t unhear, things that might have happened to you in your early ages and can’t seem to forgive or forget. What if I told you that this could’ve been prevented from the day you were born because nature and nurture has a long-lasting impact on your personal character.

We all want to improve the well-being in the lives of our children, If you could do the most important thing to influence the life of a child, what would it be? some may think to provide security, good nutrition, a good school, teaching them spiritual or religious values, maybe a trust fund so your baby can have resources when they grow. But the most important thing, parents leave to caregivers or school teachers is programming your child’s minds, the nurturing of your baby’s mind and helping their brains develop. From 35 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s mind has started working and picking up new connections.

The development of the mind

Have you ever heard the quote by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” and wondered what the saying means. The conscious mind and the programming of your subconscious mind started in the last trimester of pregnancy and intense from 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and by age 7 the programming is less. From the time you conceive to the time your baby is born up until their 7th birthday, there are so many changes happening in their brain. The brain grows and changes so rapidly, from the time they’re born their brains are about the size of a grapefruit and by the time they go to pre-school it is about the size of a big cantaloupe

a cantaloupe and a grapefruit

90% of a child’s development happens before age 5, 90%! After that it almost grows not at all, So we’re really looking at how we as parents can make an impact from as early as 35 weeks of pregnancy till 7 years old.

  • Conscious Mind: Your conscious mind is your visualization, imagination, language and creative thinking mind where all your dreams and desires are manufactured. It has no memory “It’s a tabula- rasa” and it can only hold one thought at a time. It learns by reading, listening, and watching.
  • Subconscious Mind: Your subconscious mind is your storage and data retrieve mind. It’s job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed. It learns by habit, things we repeatedly do or say and things we are repeatedly taught.
  • The Mind: It holds the power of imagination recognition and appreciation. It is responsible for processing feelings and emotions resulting in attitudes and actions.
  • The brain: The brain is an amazing organ that controls all functions of the body, interprets information from the outside world and embodies the essence of the mind and soul. Intelligence, creativity emotion and memory are a few of the many things governed by the brain.

Things parents should be doing from birth to 7 years

From 0-7 parents should structure routine, good sleep, language, having conversations with your baby and reading to your baby, you should start either during pregnancy or day one of life, they are hearing sounds, they are seeing facial expressions and then really just playing with them, exploring, pointing things, naming things, showing them cause and effect doing all of these stimulates their brains and has a positive effect on its development. The brain has no filter it reacts to anything that stimulates it. When it’s stimulated a thought sparks then the conscious mind engages in creative imagination, meaning it’s not paying attention .

Imagine you are a baby, playing on your play mat and you hear a sound of something falling near you, you immediately turn and look in the direction of the sound. The conscious mind at this point isn’t paying attention to you sitting on your mat playing. It’s already thinking what is that sound?, where did it come from?. When your conscious mind is in thought your subconscious mind by default becomes autopilot and whatever behavior or feeling that you’ll be engaged with at that moment will now be run by the subconscious program on autopilot.

The average person 95% of the day has a thought going on, more especially our babies our little explores curious minds, there’s always something going on in their minds. This means 95% of the behavior during the day is programmed and managed by the subconscious mind. Your life is not controlled by the imaginary creative brain your dreams and wishes mind, it’s controlled by the subconscious, which has been programmed by observing other people, and then your life becomes an expression of their behavior.

Communication and interaction

Babies need human interaction to develop their brains, engage them in conversation, good language and good words together with interaction, it causes neurological development of the brain. Actual physical development of the brain depends on words, each time a word is said to a baby it stimulates the neuron and when it is repeated over and over again, that same path is stimulated again and it gets stronger and stronger and it finally branches out so there’s capability of learning.

Neural connections are like a tree, the foundation which all growth occurs, If your words and interactions are not repeated to your child those neurons shrink, die and fade away, If children aren’t taught to communicate or to speak and to engage, their ability to learn to read and write is limited, their not able to graduate from school/collage and that leads to a problem in the success of the society.

Communication and engagement is absolutely the basis from which all human learning occurs. Which leads directly to the ability to read and write which leads directly to graduating from school and becoming successful in the society.

The importance of early development

Go back to your early years, for some of you it might hurt and for others it might be one of your best life times yet. This is all because of the programs in your subconscious mind, If you’re struggling to create certain beliefs or behaviors that you want in your life, it’s because your subconscious program doesn’t support that. Things you like that come to you easily, they are there because you have programs to encourage and support them.

Life stressors such as parents divorcing, parents coming home late from work, the death of a parent(s), an illness, financial struggles at home, infidelity between mom and dad. These can severely impact your child’s programs especially if they deprive the child your presents, But while the fear that a seasonal overly busy work schedule or that the distraction of TV, phones and other electronics may cause a negative effect can be a concern, they don’t make anyone a bad parent.

The first 7 years are the programmable period. The brain is in a low vibration frequency called “Theta”, which is the hypnosis or imaginary phase, children are in this phase till 7 years, they mix the real world with the imagination world seamlessly cause theta is imagination and reality mixed. The vibration of theta is low, it is below consciousness, which is “Alpha” and a higher vibration in alpha is “Beta” which is like the concentration work or studying consciousness. Below theta is the lowest vibration called “Delta”, which is absolute sleep. When your waking up you’re coming from delta the lowest vibration, just as you wake up coming out of sleep that immediate woozy period, That’s theta! Where imagination and hypnosis and reality start to mix.

From birth up until age 5 a child’s brain develops more than it does at any other age in your life and from then till 7 years old their mind is in a low vibration frequency, it is the best time for humans to learn. Early brain development has a long-lasting impact in the success of our children’s future and on their ability to learn, the brain is at it’s most receptive state very curious and eager to learn new things. Pay attention and take advantage of this precious period in the lives of your children, your engagement with them will have a long-lasting effect in the success of their future. The quality of your child experiences in the first 7 years of their life, positive or negative, helps shape how their brain develops. Parents are just starting to become aware of this, realizing how different things that happened in a child’s life can affect their children’s programs forever.

What about programming after age 7 and above

Remember 95% of your life comes from the subconscious. Your life is a print out of your subconscious programming, So you don’t need to go back in your life to find out who did what to create the life you have because it’s an expression of your programs. By then your conscious mind is working, now you can look at your life and identity “what is it in my life that I’m struggling with, that you actually really want?”, and then test your subconscious whether it supports those beliefs and behaviors or if it doesn’t support them and if it doesn’t support what you want then you can rewrite it. “How?”!

Play a program

Everyday when you’re going to bed or when you’re waking up you go through a zone of theta naturally from sleep vibration delta the lowest, to waking up, you have to go through theta the hypnosis, imagination mixed with reality phase, If you put earphones on and play a program as you’re going to bed just as your conscious mind let’s go and is not paying attention to the program, at this point your really going off into sleep, theta is engaged taking the program in and downloading it into the subconscious mind because that’s what theta does. Repetition of this every night will then manifest the experience.

Practice and repeat

We all know practice makes perfect, you repeat something over and over and over again making a habit of it. You practice! You’ll find that your behaviors are not supporting you, then you generate behaviors that represent supporting you and you repeat them even though they might not seem real at that time, it will become real as it becomes downloaded as a program, you subconscious will take that program and use it to manifest life from it.

Belief-change modifications

Believe-change modalities all involve super learning, what’s relevant about them is they are practices where you can write a subconscious belief in about 5-10 minutes, a belief you may have had for years affect your life. Using some of these technologies you can rewrite a belief and make a positive belief out of it in a few minutes.

These are some of the concepts we can use as parents to create happier more successful and mentally healthy beings, and I think that’s why we need to be talking about this crucial stage of humanity more often than usual as we nurturing the giants of tomorrow.

Written by Pam TheFlower