About me

My name is Pale B short for Palesa Boya, some may know me as Pam my cousins call me Pee Bee, I call myself PamTheFlower 😃😅 “I know right” Wow I’m a lot anyway. I’m a girl from South Africa Cap-City Pretoria.

I am really glad you’re finally on my site. Thank you with a cherry on top🍒.

I recently became a mom and man oh man “did my life not change”. NO LITERALLY!

Becoming a mom was such a smooth transition into my life. It hasn’t been all so easy but it’s been my life’s most amazing experience yet.

When you’re about to become a mom there is so much you learn, a lot of other things you might google, but there’s much more to it than google will tell you.

I started this site mainly to share my motherhood experience how it changed my entire life, perceptions and  beliefs ,all the things I learnt as I grew into the experience things no one told me about and things I never thought would play out how they did.

I hope my site will be enjoyable and helpful to expecting moms and any one who shares similar interests as I. Please do engage in conversation, comment on articles you might like and share with me some of your experiences.

Finally Welcome to my site, take your shoes off and lets hang out.



Written by Pam TheFlower